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Current Version
The current version of Traces of Illumination is V1.1.1, released 1/1/11.
Downloading standalone versions of Traces of Illumination is only available for registered players. If you already have registered, you just have to Login. If you haven't registered, yet - you could easily Join! right now. Or, if you just want to play Traces of Illumination on the Web (right here on this site) - simply Play!
  • Major updates in game mechanics: The Apples have returned - eat green, yellow and red Apples to gain score. Also, you can now shoot power up icons (the little boxes) while they're moving to gain extra score. This is now much more like the original Snake ... and so much more fun :-)
  • There's now also score-based high scores
  • New achievement system: Traces of Illumination Awards. There's 150 of them, and you can already check them all out on the Website. However, only the Awards for Tutorials and Single-Player are implemented (and don't seem to perfectly work, yet - but that'll be fixed in a patch-update of V1.1.1)
  • Level 03 now has a "secret area" that can be accessed with some of the more advanced tracers
  • Much improved in-game HUD for scores, now also in practice and multiplayer mode
  • Fixed bug: When in multiplayer mode, after playing a level and then switching to another level, the first time that new level was played all players spawned in the middle of nowhere; this no longer happens and now switching levels works perfectly again.
  • With Unity 3, Dashboard Widgets are finally working perfectly smoothly ... so, if you’re on the Mac, you can now install Traces of Illumination as a Dashboard Widget and play whenever you have a short break ;-)
  • Added "try again" after game complete and game over in evaluation version
  • Add "Not in Teams:" before list of players that are not in teams to make clear what this list means
  • Added sound-configuration controls for Evaluation version (ability to switch music and effects on/off)
  • Added Icons to standalones and iPhone / Android versions
  • Added sound effects (echo when jumping, reverb zone in Level 3 – The Cube when riding "the ceiling")
  • Refactored GUIMainConfig - this was a crazy class with almost 3000 lines of code; not it’s a couple of separate classes that are easy to understand and maintain
  • Added kind of an auto updater. It doesn't perform the actual update but checks for new versions, shows the changes and lets you follow a link to this page.
  • Fixed "stuttering" in animation when changing configuration screen.
  • Fixed problems with automatic camera control (this didn't really work at all anymore)
  • Quite a few improvements in keeping track of tutorial states
  • Added command line parameters for load-tester clients that makes it much easier to set up "daemon clients" that simulate players in batch mode
  • Major improvements with audio ... unfortunately, this broke for the Web player release - but will be available in the standalone releases (can't say more about that ;-) )
  • Player can now control settings for surround sound
  • Added quite a few keyboard shortcuts for configuration modes: Ctrl/Cmd+C (Game Configuration), Ctrl/Cmd+L (Select Level), Ctrl/Cmd+A (Select Tracers), Ctrl/Cmd+Y (System settings - sometimes you might have to push Z instead of Y ... probably due to wonked keyboard layouts). Also, levels and tracers can now quickly be selected via the number keys (Ctrl/Cmd+1-9).
  • Quite a bit of clean-up in the level models (Level 01 and Level 03, especially Level 03 now has a much lower poly-count; Level 02 is still to be cleaned up)
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