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May 3

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

This morning, I wrote down some ideas on the crafting system in RaMtiGA. As RaMtiGA is still in very early stages, I won't go into too much detail on this, but just as a little overview of what's about to come:

For now, I focussed on herbalism, agriculture, fishing, hunting and cooking and alchemy. If you know existing role-playing games, you probably have an idea what this is about. What may be a little uncommon is agriculture. In RaMtiGA, this very likely won't be agriculture in the physical-world sense of the world (RaMtiGA is not about farming ... pun intended). Instead, it will probably be more like herbalism in that it's about collecting items that are available in various locations in the game world. However, while herbalism is about collecting herbs (as is quite obvious from the name), agriculture is about collecting vegetables, roots, fruits and the like.

Obviously, these are needed as ingredients for cooking and the reason I need this is that in RaMtiGA, there'll be a significant amount of vegetarian foods. Of course, there's also fishing and hunting for those who prefer a more convential diet in the game - but in RaMtiGA this has its own implications ;-)

The really interesting thing, however, will be that for all gathering skills (herbalism, agriculture, fishing and hunting), there will be different "modes" in which you can do it. A more or less friendly mode which will take a little more time to get the items but improve the skills more quickly and is considered more "pro-life" in the game. That'll take a little more patience but will have very nice benefits. And a "quick mode" which will give you more items quicker but will have certain "side-effects".

This will be very nicely tied into the general core game mechanics of RaMtiGA, so I'm very happy that this is solved now from the design-perspective. Implementation is yet another story - but I think I've also found a very convenient way to integrate this whole concept into the user-interface, too.

So, I'm not really sure how much sense this makes without the background knowledge - but this is about as much as I want to reveal right now.


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