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Jun 7

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I'm right now listening to the current state of the soundscape for Level 11 of Traces of Illumination - Everything in Nothing. It's not quite polished, yet ... but I'm happy that aside of some extra-polishing, it's done.

It's kind of interesting to watch how I'm currently moving "top-down" in terms of working on the last levels first and then moving towards the earlier levels. This is not just random chance: The later levels are significantly more challenging both for myself to create them - and for the players to master them.

It'll be quite interesting to see how people react when they hear what Level 11 starts with. Those kinds of sounds have once been very well known to us - but this knowledge has long been lost to the world. So, I guess some people will find those sounds really weird while others might just remember ...

It's also interesting for me to start this level with its soundtrack. I do already have a concept of what the level is about - but the spatial design is still completely open. So, you can be sure that while I'll be modelling the level geometry, I'll have the soundtrack on repeat - so that the visuals and interaction will be in harmony with what you hear.


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