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RaMtiGA - Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age
RaMtiGA - Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age: Blog
Dec 13

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

My very first computer game is maturing more and more. By now, I have the first "cycle model" (which I actually created a few weeks ago, Nov 30th). It's probably not the final model, yet, but it looks alright. I also have the first arena... which is admittedly just a floor plane and four wall planes (plus a very simple texture). The cycle can be controlled with cursor left and cursor right and does 90° turns.

After a few attempts of creating the walls, this now also works very smoothly and without creating too many polgyons. Originally, I used an approach in which I created the walls from a prototype, so each time the cycle moved a little bit, a new wall-part was created, which resulted in lots of objects and sometimes little gaps between the walls.

Also, there's three different camera positions which can be controlled through the keys 1, 2 and 3 (not the numpad keys). You can also look left and right with q and e.

You can already check out the very first demo of
Jashan Chittesh's Unity Multiplayer TRaceON (V0.1)

So, this is starting to be fun... What's still missing is collision detection, multiplayer support, maybe some AIs, and of course, selecting different cycles and colors and the actual "game logic" in terms of who wins the game when, in which time etc.

When all these things are finished and this can be called a "game", I'll give it V1.0 - but I also have quite a few funny ideas for V2.0, which shouldn't be too hard to implement once the basic game is finished. V2.0 will be the final version of Jashan Chittesh's Unity Multiplayer TRaceON. Once this is done, the next step is a little PacMan clone. And once that is done, I'll start with actually implementing the very first parts of Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age. Obviously, while my little UMT (Unity Multiplayer TRaceON) and PacMan are quick shots, things will slow down significantly when I start "the real thing" simply because I'm moving into quite a different kind of complexity with that...


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