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Dec 15

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

Yesterday... actually, the day before yesterday after midnight, Mrs. Ariella Shardullah has registered as the third user. Obviously, all people that have registered so far are friends of mine (because how would anyone else find out about this page ;-) ). So... the "user-base" is growing slowly, but steadily...

I guess I might be opening this portal to the public by mentioning it  on my personal Website once I'm finished with my very first simple game. By then, I should also have some of the texts about RaMtiGA available both in German and English (currently, while the blog is in English - all other texts are German), and they should be at least a little "polished". Furthermore, I want to have an initial version of the "RaMtiGA-design" online before letting people know that I don't personally know (currently, this page looks just like and, which is obviously not the way it should be...)

Time will have to tell how things turn out, but my intention right now is to get that done in the first quarter of 2008.


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