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Dec 31

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

Around midnight last night, I finished a little 3D 3rd person platform tutorial, and... well... couldn't resist the temptation of finally adding some stuff I've been missing desperately to my first home-grown game. This morning at 6am, I finally was done (in any sense you could think of) - I was tired, but felt very comfortable with it as I've been working on something I simply love working on.

So, V0.4 of JC's Unity (Multiplayer) TRace ON is now available to be played online, and I'm also adding download versions for Windows and Mac OS X (these are not really tested, though).

What's new?

  • Start screen that should come up very quickly while the first level is still downloading - you have to hit play instead of being overwhelmed by the cycle running into the wall before you even figured out how to make turns ;-)
  • Some background sound in the start screen, an "engine tone" for the lightcycle, a little electro-track as background music while racing in the arena and a "turn sound"
  • I've changed the lightwall quite a bit
  • I've added a map (this will be available as an "power up" in the final game)
  • When the cycle crashed, the start screen is displayed again

So, this is more and more becoming an actual game, even though there's still a long way to go. Next steps are enemies with a simple AI and then, when that's working smoothly the multiplayer feature. I might also tweak some of the sounds (in particular the "engine sound" is not something I'm particularly proud of ;-) ).

So, here's the 4 versions of JC's Unity (Multiplayer) TRace ON so far:


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