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Jan 1

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

During the last few weeks and days, I had a few ideas for Jashan Chittesh's Multiplayer Pill Cruncher (JCsUMPC) that I'm writing down so they don't get lost.

While JCsUMTRON is heavily "electro-based" both in its visual and audio style, JCsUMPC will be "unplugged". All background music will be recorded with natural instruments, like various drums, a steel-drum, guitars, voices and the like. Stuff that has to be recorded with a microphone instead of being "fully digital". The environment will be a Unity terrain, with sand, some water, trees etc. - so the mazes will be made of hedgerows. I might even use the SoftBodies script for "natural looking cloth effects".

The different levels will all be in the same terrain, and you actually have to enter the mazes by walking up to them and finding the right "entry spots", and there will be entry spots for Mr. or Mrs. Pac Man (might change the name), ghosts, and... tada - spectators. In each maze, only one "game session" can take place, other users have to enter as spectators. The mazes are placed in the terrain so that you have to go from one to the next sequentially, however, when you're finished with one, you might be told some secrets how to randomly access the mazes you've already been to.

Spectators can watch one game session, and after the game session, they are teleported back to the place with the "doors" to enter the maze.

There will also be a chat system, so it will be much more like a real multiplayer game (when you're a spectator, you can for instance comment on what's happening in the game arena, or as ghosts, you can plan a strategy via the chat etc.)


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