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Jan 5

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

It's been a few days, and I've been rather busy. This is a major update, and I guess you can say that V0.5 is the first version that actually can be considered a "game prototype", while the previous versions were just demos of something to become a game.

Most important change in this version is that there's other cycles. These are controlled by a somewhat simple AI. But it's fun... Another major important change is the sounds... Just listen and hear the difference (best is to play it really loud ;-) ). Ah, and I fixed quite a few bugs, including some stuff that seriously pulled down the performance.

So... I guess the best thing is to just play... You need to practice, because the next release will be with online multiplayer support, and it probably won't take long before I release that... so, you better start working on your JCsUMTRON skills immediately!!! ;-)

All versions of Jashan Chittesh's Unity (Multiplayer) TRaceON so far:


2 comment(s) so far...

AW: It's starting to be a game: JCsU(M)TRON V0.5

Hm... it's starting to look more fun, definitely ;-). But: i can hear no sound at all and what's worse now i'm constantly crashing into the wall even if there is none?! Good explosion, though! Oh, and playing on a notebook it's pretty difficult to read the information. But nevertheless - thumbs up! ;-)

By coolcaro7 on   2008-01-05T10:12:09

AW: It's starting to be a game: JCsU(M)TRON V0.5

That's wonderful that it starts to look more fun now that it's becoming more a game :-) The sound issue is very unfortunate. Have you tried the standalone version? I guess you don't usually have problems with sound, do you? Concerning crashing into the wall where there is no wall: I did consider allowing invisible walls but let go of that idea because it's probably quite frustrating... so... I'm not sure how this can happen? Does it happen on turns, or while riding straight? ... Finally: It's right, some of the information is very small. You may try right clicking into the screen (Macs with single-button mouses: use ctrl+click). With that, you get a context menu with which you can open JCsUMTRON in fullscreen-mode. That should help. Aside of that: I'm trying to do my best to have the information readable as good as possible without using up too much screen-estate, but that's a rather difficult challenge... I'll see what I can do about it - the user-interface is still very rudimentary and that's definitely one issue where I'm currently in the process of doing optimizations... ... Thanks for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated!!! Btw, I'm noticing this blog-software turns news lines into funny html-code in blog comments... sorry about that - I hope it'll be fixed in the next version of the portal system I'm using...

By jashan on   2008-01-05T20:24:12

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