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Feb 14

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

Cool - I just had a very fun game session with some of the guys from the Unity forums. We were up to 8 players, and it was quite a lot of fun. Especially when there's 4 or more players. At the end, we even had some very cool "head to head" action sequences.

Thanks to ChromeFly, Moldorma, Soapy, Troff (who was that?), DannyL, JonCzeck, Drilly, Flynn (who was that?) for joining in!!!


One thing I've learned is that I can't keep the game server on the same machine as the Web and database server. Whenever someone access the Website, the game server pretty much goes down, and the game becomes unusable for a few moments. It took a little while to find out what the problem was - originally, we all just noticed "weird lag" happening, but when I monitored the processes on the server, I saw that the SQL server was going up when that happened. Well: It happened, when the SQL server started working...

So that means, I'll have to rent another server, which is not that cool, because that adds at least EUR 60,00 per month. I think I'll do that after the beta, i.e. when I really go online and charge for the game. Or maybe in the last part of the beta-phase, when I now I'll be going "official" within a month or so...

Aside from that, I received some very valuable feedback and start becoming addicted to my own game which I think is a good sign (I can control my addictions, so don't worry... besides: developing games is more addictive to me than anything else). Also, I've had a few more ideas for "little improvements" that'll make handling the game more convenient and fun...

And of course: I've found a few more bugs to be fixed...

Btw, I've released two improved V0.8s. First of all, I did still add graphics for the power-up HUDs. The power-up feature simple wasn't finished until I had that in place. Also, I did quite a bit of tweaking on the networking handling. It's "okay" now, but not really ideal.

So, I decided to go for a V0.85. That will include one additional level (with all the ideas I have for levels - that will be distributed to many levels in the final game), and a complete refactoring and redesign of the networking logic. I'll try to make V0.85 a "solid release" when it comes to networking...

I'll start that tomorrow... so I guess I really need to go to bed now :-)

Greetings from "the Grid" ;-)

Jashan Chittesh



4 comment(s) so far...

AW: Playing Unity Multiplayer TRaceON

"Flynn" was me as you might have noticed... ;-). As an amateur when it comes to gaming I did not realize I wasn't automatically logged into the game as coolcaro (while already being logged in to your site) but suddenly became "Flynn". Pretty confusing to me, too, in the first place. But, more important: Congratulations to your first game. Looks already pretty cool and very promising to me.

By coolcaro7 on   2008-02-15T20:52:43

AW: Playing Unity Multiplayer TRaceON

Oh thanks! Well, in fact, the only reason you were not automatically logged in as coolcaro7 is because of the "early stage" of the game. The Website integration (which will provide automatic login when you were loggin in on the page), will be a part of V1.0... so... I'd say you were just ahead of time ;-) but... there still was another Flynn, later, too ;-) didn't you know I was using my supernatural power to "feel" it was you??? ;-) Honestly, I noticed you wrote it was you only afterwards on Skype (had the game on in fullscreen mode, so I couldn't read any Skype messages)... hehe... well, but it was kind of obvious, anyways ;-)

By jashan on   2008-02-15T20:58:15

AW: Playing Unity Multiplayer TRaceON

Oh, more Flynns... perhaps me again materializing from a parallel world... :-) Was Flynn 2 a good player? And yes, I thought, you recognized me. By the way, why is my above comment doubled?

By coolcaro7 on   2008-02-15T21:03:49

AW: Playing Unity Multiplayer TRaceON

To be honest... I don't remember :-( It's been quite some action, yesterday... About the doubled comment... hm... that appeared when I wrote my comment. I'll delete the double entry... if I can ;-)

By jashan on   2008-02-15T21:05:55

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