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May 2

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I had been wondering about whether or not I'm capable of creating a good logo for RaMtiGA myself for some time. Last night, the time was there - at last. I was actually already in my bed, trying to get some sleep, when I suddenly had a whole lot of ideas of how I could do that. I took a little notepad (paper and pen), which is really unusual for me. I don't believe in pen and paper, because I'm having a really hard time to control this funny device ("pen").

Surprisingly, though, it served its purpose very well. I scribbled down about 30 versions of what I had in my mind. Enough to remember it and give it a shoot with some "real tools" today. And before noon I had something I felt pretty comfortable with.

Made a few examples, put it into the Web design (not online, yet, just for having something to show to people)... and ... well ... showed it to some people (via e-mail, of course - what are you thinking? I'm not meeting people in person). WARNING WARNING: That was a JOKE! ;-)

Well, feedback so far has been quite nice, and since one of the people I've shown this to was Aiyanna, who is a professional designer, I feel confident that this will be it.

That's really nice - now I have a name and a logo. And a Web design. Aren't those the things most difficult to come up with? And even better: I have a background story (at least the draft of it, that happened this morning between 06:30 and 07:00am). And, I'm progressing nicely with TRaceON. What a divine life ;-)


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