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Jun 8

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I'm really sorry it took me so long to create this entry - Anjareen actually signed up just a few days after I had released V0.88, but I just didn't get around to adding her entry ...

... maybe because I made a mistake: I missed Mukundra, who had joined May, 5th. So that's a real pity because I told Anjareen she was gonna be the 8th user. OMG... what can I do... maybe hope that no one ever reads this ;-)

Maybe this number mumbo jumbo is a little too much for the one or other, anyways, but I like it - even though I just made mistake with it. Well... I released V0.88 of TRaceON on my 33rd birthday. But you know, 3x8, in other words 888 (not 24) is something truly special. Now... well... um... it's not that special, or is it? Anyways, I warmly welcome Anjareen to the show and hope she'll forgive my delay in posting about her joining in and my being confused about the number-mumbo-jumbo...


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