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Aug 7

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I thought it might be interesting to follow the development of this site - and thus will list a few stats that I have available in this posting:

There's currently 15 users registered at this site, excluding my own accounts for administration and testing.

Since the beginning of 2008, I've had an average 70 visits per month, with a peak after my accouncement of TRaceON V0.88 at the Unity forums, with 176 visits in a single month. The most recent announcement of the first screencast of TRaceON generated 39 visits on a single day (August, 5th).

Obviously, the Unity forums are the current main source of visits: 213 altogether (starting 2008), and 66 during the last month.

I had also announced the screencast recently on my brother's WoW guild (Damage Incorporated), which returned in 10 visits from that referrer.

The page of the TRaceON V0.88 had 280 visits altogether, since it was put up in May. As I will be putting up a new version very shorty, that will be about it for that page. The screencast in its high-quality version had 45 visits so far, the low-quality version had 12.


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