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Aug 8

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

Today is a pretty busy day - I'll try to keep the blog up to date. The first two things I'd like to mention is my official UA 2000 announcement and - tadaaa - I just registered my trade:

This morning, at 08:08, I officially announced my participation in the Unity Awards 2008. That's not only gonna be a lot of fun, since there's a very lively community participating in that contest, and it's generally a very friendly atmosphere. But it's also the first time I spoke "in public" (that is: outside of this Blog or site) about the general concept of TRaceON. I did have quite a few announcements on the Unity forums - but those were always just tidbits of what I'm currently doing; not much about the general concept and overview.

I've also used my new subtitle for the first time - so now the full official title of TRaceON is:

JC's Unity Multiplayer TRaceON
Experience the Unexpected!

Originally, I came up with Expect the Unexpected. But my dear friend Sally (who is also the first user that has joined this site) disillusioned me immediately when I told her about it, saying this has been used already. If you check this with Google you get an astounding 1.1 million hits. Ouch. Well, I like "experience" much more than expectations anyways, so I'm quite happy with the change. This reduces the Google hitcount to a mere 15,000. Nice ;-)

Well - and since today is a very special day... I guess I'll call it the 888-day (say "triple-eight"), I've also just registered a trade for TRaceON (which will also be used for Pill Cruncher and RaMtiGA). I don't know about other countries, but in Germany, you need to first register a trade before you can actually offer a subscription based service, so it's good news I now have that. It also means, I'm now becoming "official".

Another thing I'd like to mention in this posting: I've transferred EUR 1,000.00 to my TRaceON bank account - and (lucky me ;-) ), it did arrive today. This is for covering some of the expenses involved in building up this service. As this is a completely separate bank-account only used for anything that has to do with my games, I'll put up one page that gives you insight into what happens on that account. Did I mention I like transparency? ;-)


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