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Aug 8

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I've ordered service phone numbers for customer support. It may be a little early to think of this, but there's a couple of things a need a phone number for, and I'd rather not use my personal private phone number for everything. Not that I don't like a lot of personal contact, but it's got to have choice ;-)

One thing I need a proper "business phone number" for is the SSL certificate I'll be ordering shortly (not today - dependency with phone number). That'll be nice because it will make more secure.

Then, I've created a new PayPal account which is linked to my new bank account. I still need to do some configuration and checking, but I'm getting very close to have a payment process in place. Again, this may still be a little early, but I simply wouldn't want to run into the situation that TRaceON is finished, and the payment processor doesn't work.

There already were a couple of user registrations today, but I noticed that some people didn't get through the whole process. I'd like to keep double-opt in to assure I have valid accounts with correct mail-addresses - but it's not cool if people fail to register due to a registration process that's giving them trouble. So one thing I did is changed some of the texts during the registration process to make things a little more convenient and intuitive. Also, I think people need to be aware that such messages have a tendency to get filtered by spam-filters, so it's good to look into the spam folder.

Finally, I sent people who have registered before today a short mail-message to ask about how things were going. I'll contact those who registered today tomorrow as I think one day delay could simply be because someone's busy...


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