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Aug 10

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I'm about half way through with the tutorial... Since it's already a bit late today, and I still have some rather funky ideas to implement, it might not make it today - but it will make it really soon.

What's working so far is navigating in the tutorials (each tutorial has three to eight "chapters"), the messages to the player, and checking whether a player has hit a certain key. With this, I've implemented pretty much all of the "Newbie" tutorial, which is just about controlling the vehicle and the significance of walls, as well as the "Amateur" tutorial, which is about controlling the camera.

What's still missing are some "more complex things" like geometry appearing in the level to show certain things (the tutorial takes place on a more or less "endless plane"). That's obviously also needed for the Pro-Tutorial, which is about power-ups.


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