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Aug 13

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I've put a new version online: V0.999a - there not that many changes this time, but one very significant change, and that has a name: Tutorials!!!

I originally wanted to complete all three tutorials, but the third one (which teaches you how to use power-ups) is somewhat involved, so I thought I'd put this one out first which does have Tutorial 01 for "Newbies", explaining how the vehicle is controlled and Tutorial 02 for "Amateurs" which teaches you how to use the camera. Especially Tutorial 02 should be really nice for a lot of people.

There were also some other changes, like I did a lot of tweaking with the camera - but, I have to admit, I'm not perfectly happy with this, yet, so that will probably still change a bit; but much later.

Finally, some really minor changes, like shorter times after game over and next level, so you can have more fun in less time.

I think even though it's a very minor release, it's still quite nice.

Ah, one final thing: I've added the "longest time best" high scores ;-) ... and on a side-notice: Since today, I've got my support phone number(s). So things are moving along very nicely. I'll put contact information on the site very soon... Ah, and still another one: I finally fixed this stupid problem I had with sending the registration confirmation mails. That was a big "Ouch, my fault". But also a "why does this portal system not tell me that I made a mistake". Well, I'll spare the details...


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