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RaMtiGA - Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age
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Aug 17

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

As you may have noticed, I could be considered somewhat "aware" of names and what they refer to or what they associate you with. That's why I'm using Jashan Chittesh instead of Holger Wagner. It's also the reason why I think I never mentioned the name of the portal system used for this site on this site. And that was for a reason! I'll mention it one time today, but then it will be gone from this site. Because now, at last: WISDOM is here!

Ok, so I will reveal it: This portal system has the name: DotNetNuke. I would say this is a rather historical name (see also the Wikipedia entry on DotNetNuke for further reference). I mean, honestly: Who would want their Website to be run on a nuke portal system? Who would want their Website to be nuked? Who would want to be associated at all with anything that has to do with one of the most destructive inventions humanity has ever come up with? Ok, it's just a name, just a game - but I just strongly don't like that particular name. Think about it: Nuke is literally a four-letter-word! But it's a cool piece of technology, and we're living in a world were things simply are not meant to be perfect. So, up to now, I simply lived with it, but was somewhat silent about it to avoid spreading out ugly memes.

So, while I do take pride using a game engine by the wonderful name of Unity, I was up to the present day somewhat ashamed of using a portal system that in a way associated my whole project with something I simply don't feel I want to be associated with. (Almost) Enough whining about this - it's history:

I was checking out the DotNetNuke blog today, to find out about the upcoming versions of the portal system, when I saw something that attracted my attention:

We dont need a LAMP we've got WISDOM :)

I hadn't heard of Philip Beadle before, but I guess I'll put that man into the credits of every game and every Screencast I'll be doing from now on. Hm... interesting, this guy's not only coming up with solutions to my personal issues with names I don't like, but also seems to like Unit-Testing and C# as much as I do. Otherwise, he wouldn't create stuff like: Test Driven Development for DNN Modules. Cool! I'll use that for all my custom modules from now on, but ... um ... well, sorry, that was getting really geeky now ;-) Hey, wow, he writes on his Website that he's recently become more environmentally aware and also has become a vegetarian. Now how cool is that?

So, anyways, what does WISDOM mean?

  • accumulated knowledge or erudition or enlightenment
  • the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight
  • ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight
  • the quality of being prudent and sensible

(from WordNet - a lexical database for the English language)

Ok, no, that was not what Philip Beadle came up with - but the cool thing is that now that he did come up with what he came up with, this is what my Website infrastructure is associated with by name, instead of - now hold your breath - that:

  • Noun: the warhead of a missile designed to deliver an atom bomb
  • Verb: strike at with firepower or bombs
  • Verb: bomb with atomic weapons
  • Verb: cook or heat in a microwave oven

(from same source as the definition above)

Well, why can I now say my Website infrastructure is based on WISDOM? Because this is what the acronym means, according to Philip Beadle:

W Windows Server
I Internet Information Server
S SQL Server
D DotNetNahIWontSayThatAnymore
O Open Source
M Modules

Luvely ;-)

So now listen to this:

RaMtiGA - Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age is a longterm massively multiplayer online computer-game project dedicated to supporting the rising of consciousness on planet earth. The technological foundation for this project is built in Unity and WISDOM.

This is what I would call: Digital-Priest-Speak.


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Interesting history of the DNN name

Some interesting background on the name from the book Professional DotNetNuke 5: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET (

pg 11: Research of competing portal applications on other platforms revealed a strong tendency toward the "nuke" slogan ... originally coined by Francisco Burzi of PHP-Nuke fame. Over the years, a variety of other projects adopted the slogan as well -- so many that the term had obtained industry recognition in the portal-application genre.

pg 38: We also wanted to reduce or eliminate the negative imagery associated with the nuclear warning symbol in the current logo. Although the abbreviated form of the word "nuke" tended to evoke a negative response from the general population (relating it to bombs and radiation), the expanded form of "nuclear" and "nucleus" had much more positive response (related to science, energy, and power). The word "nucleus" also had some complementary terms associated with it such as "core," "kernel," and so on that worked well with the open source project philosophy. ... The new logo had the basic shape of a nuclear atom.

By rlively on   2010-08-10T19:28:23

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