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Sep 15

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I had been going back and forth with this for a couple of weeks now, and during last week, I finally came to a decision: TRaceON is now called Traces of Illumination.

The main reason is that while this project started as kind of a clone, those shoes simply don't fit it anymore. Traces of Illumination is not just about a couple of cycles competing against each other and trying to make the others ride into one's own wall. It's about collaborating in order to discover something that's simply not available with a focus on competition. And, some of which is to be discovered should be kind of unexpected. Like the Airborne - one of the 12 tracers you can ride:

Yeah - you're seeing this correctly: When you jump, this thing is gliding a looong way and can do turns while up in the air. While this is a lot of fun, and generally pretty cool, in some levels, like Jumping Jack, for instance, it's really a challenge. So, you might want to stay on the ground ...

... at least, for a little while ;-)

Well, anyways, I'm really happy with the new name. It's quite a bit of work to change everything to fit the new name. Ironically, from experience I can tell that changing one's own name is much less work than changing one's own game's name. Well, I also sometimes do Experience the Unexpected. Btw, if you find Traces of Illumination too long - there's a nice acronym: TOI, like toy ;-)

Well, the new version has mainly improved on the Tutorial 03, which should now be much easier. Another major area of change is that Windows is supported much better than before (in fact, Tutorials 02 and 03 didn't really work under Windows because the keystroked weren't correctly recognized).

Another important change to notice is that I'm now tracking a lot of performance and playability data. For more details, see what I'm tracking, and why.

And don't forget to play ;-)


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