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Dec 13

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

Due to my participation in the Unity Awards 2008 I not only won a 20% discount on the next purchase at the Unity store (that'll by Unity iPhone publishing advanced, so that's a nice EUR 200,00 ;-) ) ... as every participant did ... but this also resulted in Traces of Illumination being mentioned in an article about Unite 2008 on gamecareerguide. I think that's pretty cool :-)

So this is the second time Traces of Illumination is covered "on the media". The first time - also due to the Unity Awards 2008 was in the second issue of the Unity Developer Magazine. There, a screenshot of Traces of Illumination made it to cover, you can check out my workspace on page 5, and there's some further screenshots and a nice short article on Traces of Illumination on page 18 and 19. It's really an exciting feeling to have my first game in a printed magazine!!!


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