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Dec 14

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I sometimes like to quote song lyrics, so here you go ... with something that's originally in German (except for the first line):

One year ago
Ein Jahr wie eine Ewigkeit
Aber es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick
Niemand wollte uns verstehen
Du und ich gegen die Welt
Ihr habt uns verurteilt
Ihr habt mich verurteilt
Aber unsere Zeit ist gekommen
Wenn ein Traum Wirklichkeit wird

Es ist ein Jahr her
A year like eternity
But it was love at first sight
Nobody cared to understand us
You and me against the world
You've judged us
You've judged me
But our time has come
When a dream becomes reality

Well, that was kind of a controversial song by Falco a loooong time ago (Jeanny, Part 2). And just to get this straight: I don't feel like not being understood, have no intention of going against the world (but also don't mind being controversial) and also don't feel judged (and if I was I wouldn't care). But - it clearly was love at first sight, and it's clearly the time where dreams become reality, and I didn't feel like ripping that verse to pieces ;-)

So: Today, one year ago, I purchased my Unity Pro license. And I have to say this has been a very remarkable relationship so far - and I'm excited about what's to come.

Also, a year and and a few days ago, I put up this site - back then still with a completely ugly design and layout. In the first days, I already had my first registered user (the first 10 users each received their own Blog-entry ;-) ). By now, it's 42 users. The site had around 10 visitors until April 2008, then came the first peak with 107 visitors in May 2008 (that was when I released V0.88 - about month after I had finally put up the current design for this Website). The next peak was 245 visitors in August 2008, when I released V0.999 on 08-08-2008 - the same day I officially announced that I entered the Unity Awards 2008). Finally, in October, I had 382 visitors - most likely due to having Traces of Illumination as an entry in the Unity Awards 2008.

I'm excited to see what will happen when Traces of Illumination is feature complete. That still needs a little patience, but January and February 2009, for the first time I will be working full-time on my game, so I'm expecting some rather significant progress (no, no release date - it's done when it's done, and if you have joined, you'll be the first to know ;-) ).


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