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Feb 2

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

No, I've not suddenly become a 13-year-old incapable of proper spelling. But I'm still a bit tortured by the virus that got me down last week. That was not cool news.

The year actually started pretty good, with the best spiritual seminar I visited ever. Now, I say that about most seminars but that's because they simply get better and better. However, two days before the end of the seminar I checked my bank account ... and ... realized that I was completely "on the limit". Not yet, but it was obvious that I would get there within the coming 2 weeks. That's kind of a hard coming down. Or, taken from another perspective: It's a nice challenge to grow and a call to action.

So, while I originally had planned to use January / February to work fulltime on Traces of Illumination, I must admit I was pretty glad that there was quite a bit of work from my current major "cash-flow-project". The sad thing about this was that today was the first day I really had time to work on Traces of Illumination this year. I did play around with Modo a little bit in between - but not even enough to know whether I liked Modo at all.

I guess you can imagine that with that inability to do what I really came here to do I got a little frustrated. Well, but no complaints ... after all, I managed to make sure my rent is paid and I got enough air to breathe ... ah ... money to spend.

So, anyways, today I found out that this week will be very relaxed from the "cash-flow-project-side" and ... somehow, miraculously it came over me that I could work on the mystical Level 12. I can't tell you anything about it because it's a super-secret level that not even I can talk about, haha. But ... let me tell you this much, to just break that rule real quick: Working on this feels better than birthday, x-mas and first girl-friend all together. Now ... if playing it is only half as much fun as creating it, you'll have an exciting time. But for now, I have just that.

Me working on Level 12 doesn't mean that all the other levels are done. There's still 4-11 to come. But 12 is special, and to be honest, the one level I was a little scared about. I really don't want people to get to the end of the game and be disappointed at what they see. Pressuring myself ... not good for creativity. So I relax and just let it flow ...

... one interesting final note (that's the other part of the cool news): Today, actually just about half an hour ago (right before I started writing this post), I registered two trademarks. I had some pretty severe technical trouble, and to be honest, whenever I dive into those legal issues it feels like all life-force is sucked out of my body and mind ... but ... before I fell from my chair, I finished it, and now me is a happy guy.

So now, I can continue with the fun stuff. Yay!!! (now let's see if I can post this without my browser crashing ;-) )

/me makes copy of post before hitting send ;-)


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AW: Kuul Nuuus ;-)

Haha, cool stuff - that *did* work (usually, it didn't work from Firefox 3.0 - with a really stupid error message "this field can not be left empty" ... referring to the blog post which was then ... EMPTY!!!)

And even better: This finally shows the current time. Usually, when I'd post at 6:30pm, it would show 5:30pm or 7:30pm, or maybe even a senseless 2 hour difference. It's nice when things finally start to work as designed. Especially, when it's other people's stuff that I really don't want to mess with ;-)

By jashan on   2009-02-02T18:35:51

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