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Dec 8

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

This is not yet in any way the "final design", but it's something to start with, after I had been using the DotNetNuke-Portal default Skin for the time since I put this online until now. This is - for now - my generic "What a divine-life"-header. Around the beginning of 2008 I might get a very first specific design for this site up and running, so stay tuned...

And... TADAAAAAAA... two days ago, Dec, 12th 2007 the first user signed up to this portal. That's a very special event, especially because this whole project is still completely in its infancy. Well not really... it's been years, actually... but... hey... that's another story soon to be published ;-)


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Re: Design V0.1... and THE VERY FIRST USER: Sally ;-)

Not only the first to register but also the first to comment which makes me rather proud. I wish you all the best in the world(s) for your "project" and I am really really curious what it will become.

Von coolcaro7 am   2007-12-10T22:32:21

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