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Feb 5

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

Traces of Illumination has a pretty unpleasant bug in multiplayer: When you switch levels, the first time you enter the new level, all players spawn in the middle of nowhere ... so ... the level is unplayable. The good news: Everyone equally crashes after a little moment and you get to try it the next time. And then it should work. The even better news: I found it and fixed it. But if no one minds I'll wait with deploying that fix until I have a few more things fixed/improved.

Currently, there's hardly anyone playing, so I guess it's not really necessary to push that update to the server. One thing I'll also implement for V1.1.1 (which will include that fix) is an update notification feature for standalones and dashboard widgets. That'll make it much easier to deploy updates in the long run. Also on the list are a few fixes for camera handling (which seemingly broke somewhere between Unity 2.1 and Unity 2.6.1), so stay tuned.


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