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Feb 18

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

In order to make this portal more "connected" I have now enabled OpenID and LiveID. This should allow anyone who wants to use their OpenID or LiveID accounts to directly sign in with Unfortunately, this is not working perfectly, yet:

One problem is that I'm using double-opt-in for this site. So when you register, you receive an email with a confirmation code. You then need to login with that confirmation code to activate your account. That's fine for regular registrations - but it doesn't make any sense at all when coming through OpenID or LiveID. But guess what: The portal *does* it this way. The good news is that you can still login with your OpenID/LiveID account. You get the mail asking you to activate - but you don't really need to activate. But to anyone who hasn't read this blog-posting, this will be quite confusing. So, I'm hoping that there's a solution - or, in case this is a bug with the portal system (which I kind of assume), it will be fixed soon. I've posted about this in the DotNetNuke forums - let's see what answer I get.

Another issue I find pretty annoying is that once you've logged in via LiveID, it's kind of hard to log out. When you try to log out, you're asked whether you also want to log out from Windows Live. When you try to do so - Windows Live tells you that it can't log you out of Not nice :-( ... if you don't log out of Windows Live, it works - but when you log in again, you're immediately logged in. So that was worth another posting to the DotNetNuke forums. Let's so what that will become.

While working on this whole login process, I've also optimized the look of the login-page. One very unfortunate thing there is that the way those controls are designed is ... well ... kind of 90s IMHO. It's a table with a fixed width - in the control. In other words: There's no way to properly change the width via CSS. There's other issues ... in general, I have to say I'm not too happy about the quality here. Well, I filed a bug report. Let's see how that gets handled ;-)

Better news are that I've been very busy with an awards system for Traces of Illumination. There already are 52 awards (plus one anti-award for cheaters) in 6 different categories. Currently, I'm in the process of designing the look of those awards and integrating them on the Website. But that'll be a separate posting once it's finished.


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AW: OpenID and LiveID enabled

Regarding the issue with verification when logging in with OpenID or LiveID, I've now created a bug entry that you can follow here: and - let's hope this gets fixed soonish ;-)

Von Jashan Chittesh am   2010-02-26T22:01:53

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