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Dec 19

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

I've just moved from using Unitron, Unity's integrated code editor, to Visual Studio.NET 2005 for editing code. And, obviously, I've also moved from using JavaScript to C#. There's some tricky issues, but it's getting better. Also, I fixed a bug that occured when using the q and e keys. There was some significant jittering in those "look left" and "look right" modes, and now it's all smooth. I also had some serious jittering when moving the camera control script from JavaScript to C#. I don't really know why this happened in C#, but not in JavaScript, but changing Update to LateUpdate in the camera script (as it should be done) fixed that.

That technical stuff aside, I've realized since there are quite a few keys to be used in JCsUMTRON for navigating the cycle (well, that's only two) and navigating the camera (that's currently 7), a little tutorial level would be nice. This could be a very simple walk through for each keyboard control.

"Go left by pressing the left cursor key" (with a little icon-image)

"Go right by pressing the right cursor key" (with a little icon image)

"Go right again"

"Now put the camera into near scale by pressing 2"

"Look right by pressing e"

"Look left by pressing q"

"Change perspective by pressing a"

After that's done, the actual game starts. If the user doesn't want the tutorial, he can simply jump over it...


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