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Feb 10

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

Alright - I just put V0.8 online. The "milestone" of this version is power-ups. You can now jump over walls (hit space), shoot walls (x), create smoke to irritate other players (f), remove your own walls (r) and slow down time (t), and of course, show a map (m). These are now all implemented, and in the current version, they're also always available. That's a cheat, though, that will be disabled in future versions.

I've also added the actual "power-up objects" that you can "collect". The display of the power-ups in the HUD is still "text-only" - I need to create some fancy graphics for this, but it's a start.

Aside from that, I fixed many of the things I've noticed when playing multiplayer with other people. Most important: All players of all teams have to hit play before the game starts. The chat can now be resized. There's one bug in the chat, which is not nice: When the scrollbars appear, you have to click into the textfield before you can enter new text, and each time you've typed a message, you have to do that again. Talking about the chat: This now comes with a little sound, and a little graphical effect, too (text "blinks" in).

When you're in a multiplayer session and your cycle has crashed, you can now switch to the views of all other players and also switch to an overview (this is the default)...

Also, player positions are now updated from the server. That's gonna be interesting to see with many players, it might actual spoil some of the "looks like no lag" I've had before. There's still no logic for interpolation or anything like that implemented, so it might not work too well.

And quite a few more patches, fixes, small improvements. I'll play-test this with a bunch of people this week and maybe fix some of the things immediately. The next "milestone" is V0.9, which will introduce the different Arenas. That'll take a little while because I'll be refactoring quite a bit of the server to support multiple game sessions at once. Also, I have to create the arenas plus soundtracks for each arena. Also, this will come with a very interesting game logic for when the next arena will be available. This will change over time: First 2 arenas, one team just needs to have one 3 times. Next, all teams need to have won at least one time. And in the higher levels, no one must crash - all players must stay in the game and accomplish something.

Finally, the last arena will only be available when 16-20 players (the maximum) went through the whole game. That's the basic idea...

V1.0 will be the rest, i.e. tutorial (might come with V0.9 already, though), persistence etc. ... with V1.0, there'll be a 1-month public beta, and when that's finished, I've finished my first game :-)


All versions of Jashan Chittesh's Unity (Multiplayer) TRaceON so far:


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