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Mar 7

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

Interesting how the flow flows... I was set up for working on the game, and then it turned out I worked on the site. Well, but in a way, isn't that the same?

I added a few texts, and a few days ago, I already added a few texts. Well, I don't feel like saying much about those texts, yet, because they're not reviewed or anything - but I thought I'd just mention that some stuff is going on "behind the scenes" on this page right now.

If you would like to contribute by reviewing those pages - feel free to ask me. If you have already registered on this page, I can simply add you to the group of reviewers, which are in a way to this site what betatesters are to the game.


2 comment(s) so far...

AW: Added quite a few pages to be reviewed

New texts? Where can I find them? Or do I have to go through at least 5 levels of your game to find the invisible scriptures? ;-)

Von coolcaro7 am   2008-03-08T11:42:05

AW: Added quite a few pages to be reviewed

Try again ;-) Since these texts are still "in review", I'm adding everyone who wants to read them and give me feedback manually. You're now added and thus officially my first RaMtiGA Website text reviewer.

Von jashan am   2008-03-08T18:49:30

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