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RaMtiGA - Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age
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Mar 8

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

This blog entry may at first seem completely unrelated to this site. After all, this site is about computer games, isn't it? Well, it is related. And it's a rather significant relation:

I spend about 8 to 12 hours on my computer every day. I have a Mac Pro which is fast and cool - but it also consumes a lot of energy. So do my two monitors that obviously also consume power 8 to 12 hours a day. Now I'm creating computer games, and the long-term project I have on my mind is about "Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age". But how does that happen?

One thing that truly touched me was seeing this young boy in a documentary about Indigo children. He was about 12 or 15 years old. And he said something I found extremely powerful (I don't remember the exact words, but you'll get the point): If everyone just starts picking up the trash on their way, we'll be in the Golden Age in just the blink of an eye. Now, the question: What is the trash on my way? Many things, some obvious, some not. Consuming a lot of electrical energy, is an example relevant to this blog posting.

So, how do I get out of that trap - how do I avoid supporting something that is destructive to this world? I make conscious decisions. At the moment, it's not realistic for me to reduce my electricity consumption significantly. I do what I can. I think twice before I switch on a lightbulb (and try to use power saving lightbulbs as much as possible), switch stuff off instead of using stand-by etc. - but I feel that's not quite enough.

I did have a contract for my electricity which was said to be electricity from nature-friendly resources. But unfortunately, it turned out that the company I had this contract with not only uses a lot of nuclear power and other very ugly sources for electricity (which I don't want to support in any way - but when I buy it from them, I do support it). But it also lied to its customers. Now I could complain about how bad and unjust the world is (and how they have the power and I don't), blame them and judge them and waste a lot of time and create a lot of bad vibes rippling out to the world.

Or, I can listen my heart and mind, and take action.

It took me 5 minutes to take the most appropriate action I could see at this moment. In fact, I spent much more time telling people about this decision than coming to this decision and taking action from it (as I've said: just 5 minutes). But on the other hand: When it's so simple for me, it might be just as simple for others - and I don't mind giving people inspiration.

So, now I'm with Greenpeace Energy (German Web page - you might have to do some research to find companies like that in other countries, but it's sure worth it). And the money I spend on the electrical power I'm consuming is no longer invested into nuclear energy and other stuff that I don't want to support.

I do pay an extra EUR 100,00 per year for that - but compared to the harm that not doing this would cause the world we all share, I think I'm making an incredibly great deal! One step towards Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age is becoming aware of the consequences of one's actions, and taking the full responsibility for those actions and the consequences resulting from those actions. There's no problem with making mistakes - we all have this vulnerability and it's in fact one of the keys to our growth. But, when we realize we made a mistake, it just might be a good idea to allow changes for better to evolve through ourselves.


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