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Mar 31

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

Exciting news from Unity Technologies: They will support the iPhone. That's very exciting news for me because it means that I no longer need to hate the iPhone. Why did I have the iPhone? Because it didn't support Java. What does that have to do with Unity? Well, I have this one neat application (to be announced somewhen soon) that runs very smoothly on J2ME phones. The iPhone doesn't have J2ME, so I really didn't like the hype, and I did like when the iPhone wasn't very popular over here in Germany.

Now the situation has changed dramatically. This J2ME application has not much to do with games, and all the time I was wondering how I could seamlessly integrate my new game plans with that "legacy-project" of mine. Now that there's iPhone support announced for Unity, it all makes sense. Well, you're probably wondering now, what I'm talking about, but that's still kind of a secret... It's not that special, so don't worry. You'll get to know soon enough...

Another thing that's just amazingly cool is that this means that RaMtiGA will be available for the iPhone. Just a little part of it, but that will be a very very interesting part of it. This perfectly fits into the overall concept. Very nice.

Well, I'm sure it'll take some time until Unity for the iPhone will actually be a usable product, but I'll do my best to get into the beta-program and implement what needs to be implemented as early as possible. These really are very exciting times...

For the press release, see Unity is coming to iPhone.

Another link that I found very interesting is to David Helgason's Blog. He mentions that 5 virtual worlds and one "full-blown MMO" are currently being developed with Unity. That means that Unity will more and more support the wonderful world of networking which is what all my projects heavily rely upon. So, this is also extremely good news for me. See Silence? If only I could tell you!


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