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Aug 1

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

Today, two cool things happened: I've got my bank account at the GLS Bank which is the account I'll be using for all money-related issues for all upcoming games, starting with TRaceON - and I've received a chair I had ordered which will hopefully save my back...

So what's so special about this bank account? It's really cool because the GLS Bank is what can be called an ethical bank (which used to be an oxymoron). And it's also a transparent bank. You can literally choose what they should do with the money you have on your account - unlike established banks which will do as they think is appropriate. So what that means is that one lucky day when there's millions of Euros on the RaMtiGA bank-account as a financial buffer to cope with the uncertainties of running an online game service,I can assure you by any sane standards that this money will not be available to the greedy hands of some war-machinery producers. Instead, it's very likely that the money is loaned to people who use their creative power to come up with improved and sustainable methods to build powerhouses or people who are actually building and maintaining such powerhouses that won't ruin the ecological systems on this planet.

What this means is that you can be pretty sure that any money you put into TRaceON won't be used to destroy this planet. Isn't that relieving? I think it's somewhat important to become aware of the power we all have as individuals and the responsibility attached to that. Honestly: If you still put your money into companies that value profit more than life, any complaints when this world becomes a really unpleasant place right in front of your eyes are likely to go unnoticed. It is action that changes this world - not cheap talk.

That said - I should admit that I do own a pretty cool car that definitely can't be considered ecological by any means. To put it as a very friendly Greenpeace guy once said to me: We're not fundamentalists - we simply do the best we can but we still live our life. And the car is fun, and I avoid using it as much as I can using public transportation or my cycle instead. Still, I remember the look on this guy's face when he saw that car. Or was that just some suppressed feeling of guilt I projected onto his innocent look?

Well - no matter what it was, eventually I'll hopefully be able to convert to something like the Tesla Roadster which better fits my own ethical standards. So instead of supporting the oil industry when purchasing from fuel from a gas station, I'll feed my horse powers with electricity from Greenpeace Energy or some of the powerhouses financed by the GLS Bank.

Now, about that chair... well, I spend about 12+ hours per day sitting in front of my computer. And, most of the things I like doing to generate income to sustain my physical existence on this planet (stuff like rent and food) have to do with doing just that: Sitting in front of the computer 12+ hours per day. So, I guess it's just wise to listen to those subtle messages my body sends to me - just as it is wise to listen to those subtle signals the planet we live on gives us. So I decided to invest a little into a proper seating. Part one of this project arrived today - yay!

Now, for the rest of the day off to some serious game development until I move on to some serious partying. Dancing is another opportunity for me to "listen to those subtle signals of my body". And: Shame on me, but yes, I will be using that cool car to get there.


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