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Dec 8

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

I've decided to split the history of RaMtiGA into several blog entries, as this is quite a long history that reaches back into my childhood.

The very first time I remember having the idea of creating computer games was a very very long time ago. It was even before I went to school. I remember taking a bath, as a child, and playing with the foam, using my hands to create a little "water-gun" to shoot little sips of water into larger foam-buildings I had previously created. Even at that time, I already had the idea that it would be much cooler to have some logic implemented in a computer-game, so that I can enjoy this little "shooting-play" without the water getting colder and colder and me ending up freezing ;-)

Later, I remember myself running around the living room with little toys like airplanes and the link, and imagining how cool it would be to not have to use one's hands to make this thing fly but having some kind of natural laws implemented in the computer to be able to actually fly such a thing. In a way, I was simply dreaming of a flight simulator, as I've later played them - but I also considered the idea of actually simulating toys in a computer game. An idea that much much later was available through a console game Dreamcast... I don't really remember the name at the moment, even though I owned it and did play it for a while...


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