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Dec 13

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

Oh well, it's been a really long time since I last posted to my Blog. My sincere apologies to everyone who's been waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting patiently. I just noticed that meanwhile I've even updated my blogging module on my portal system - and so blogging's actually much fun now than it was before. But that just as a geek's side-note ;-)

So, obviously, me not blogging does not mean that nothing's going on. Quite the contrary: It usually there's too much going on for me to find time to post to my blog. To be honest - there has been less progress with development of Traces of Illumination than what I would have hoped; however, there's still quite a few things that have been handled, settled, as well as an abundance of new ideas of what's to come ... some of which I'll share in more specific blog posts, so ... read on ;-)


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