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Dec 13

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

The Unite 2008 Conference

October 22-24, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark

Yeah! That was cool! I'd like to mention that I was the first person that signed up for Unite 2008 ... just for the record ;-) ... So, this was the second Unity Developer Conference; the first Unity Developer Conference in Europe ... and the first Unity Developer Conference that I attended.

It was quite an amazing event, and quite an amazing experience for me. A lot of this can be found on the Unity forums - because in a way many of used those forums as a way of connecting during the conference. Obviously, such a conference is a great way to get to know the people one has been communicating with on the forums and IRC channel in the physical realm. So, you might want to have a look at:

So ... just a few highlights quickly summarized:

  • Meeting the incredibly cool genius fellow developers from the forums in the physical realm
  • Meeting the incredibly cool genius master-developers that create this wonderful engine that makes things like Traces of Illumination possible
  • A keynote with the Unity for iPhone release announcement ... and a very exciting surprise: Unity 2.5, which will be available also for Windows (not that I need that, but it also looks very cool)
  • An abundance of technical sessions
  • Traces of Illumination was showcased during the Unity Awards 2008 winner's announcements session (the videos are not yet up, but I'll link to the session in an upcoming posting as soon as they are); and TOI also got a Special Recognition Award in the category Vehicle/Racing
  • Lots and lots of great and inspiring conversations ...

... well, okay, so the news about Traces of Illumination are a result of some of those inspiring conversations but ... need to go to the next posting to keep everything well organized ;-)

Oh, btw, a lot of people had asked me where I got those Unity T-Shirts and Hoodies from, that I was wearing every day at the conference (probably making myself look "just a bit" like a fanboy ;-) ). Every Unity developer should know the Unify Community Website, which among other things hosts a great Wiki with lots of script examples, shaders, guides, tutorials and more. Obviously, keeping that site up involves some costs, and by purchasing from Unity Community Merch, you can help cover some of those costs. See also this request for support of the Wiki.


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