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Jan 22

Written by: Jashan Chittesh

UT has now officially announced Unity 2.5, which will also be available for Windows. Unity is the game engine and game authoring environment that I'm using to create Traces of Illumination, and it's also what I'll be using to create RaMtiGA. It's an amazing game engine that really simplifies the process of developing games significantly, while not restricting your freedom to do whatever you could imagine.

It's an amazing tool that could only be born in the Mac environment. But times are changing and with 2.5, the Unity IDE (the editor you're using to create games) will also run under Windows. I'm still happy I got my Mac - moving my "primary OS" from Windows to Mac was one of the really good decisions I made. But Unity being available for Windows will change the world - no doubt about that - at least the world of game development.

So, we're (as constantly) looking into truly exciting times. For more info:

Unity Website
Unity 2.5 - Official Announcement


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