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Jan 2

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

I've completed the "tasks" I had planned for V1.1.1 and deployed the version the first time late this evening. Unfortunately, there were quite a few issues that didn't go too well with this release:

First, while I put the project back into "production" mode, the test-server was still stored in the Startup scene - overwriting the correct value from the prefab. It took me a while to figure that one out, fixed it, did another deployment ... and wasn't able to save any of the high scores because "crossdomain.xml is not available". I have to say I never really liked this new Unity 3.0 "feature" that's supposed to add security (a little bit, IMHO, and only under very specific circumstances). The funny thing is that my Web player is running from - and the only server I'm communicating with is ... guess what: So, theoretically, there shouldn't even be a need for a crossdomain.xml. But I have one because the Web player might also come from other servers and I absolutely don't mind them posting their high scores to me, the sweet home of Traces of Illumination.

Anyways, the Web player complained, I tried a couple of things with a couple of new builds and deployments. Finally, it turned out that the file was in UTF-8 instead of ASCII, as Unity wants it. That is incredibly ridiculous. UTF-8 is really a common format these days. It's sad to see Unity going backwards like this.

So, now that my crossdomain.xml is finally ASCII as Unity likes it - some stuff works. But unfortunately, only some stuff.

So I don't really feel like making a big announcement of this V1.1.1 right now. It's released, which is nice, as this was 1.1.11, for V1.1.1 ... but I'm afraid I'll have to do quite a bit more testing, fix a couple of issues that worked fine in my development environment but not so fine "in the wild". And then do some patch-release. But that won't happen tonight ... I need to get some sleep ;-)


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