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Jan 17

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

The networking part in the V1.1.2 release is now pretty much done. I've done a lot of testing and fixed quite a lot of issues, some of which I introduced when changing my networking code to use the new scoping features of Unity ... 2.1 ... so that was around 2 years ago. Ouch ...

Anyways, networking is running pretty smoothly and stable again - at least on my local machine. You can now also pick up apples and shoot power up icons in networked multiplayer sessions. So that's really nice and I'm looking forward a lot to playing some nice multiplayer sessions once V1.1.2 is released. But that will still require a little bit of patience as optimization is still to be done ... and quite a lot of that.

There's also a few minor issues in networking still open - like: Players now have a score but that score doesn't show up in the player statistics. It's not a biggy but it's something that has to be done nevertheless. /me puts down another item on his looong todo-list ;-)


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