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Feb 11

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

Wow, for the first time evvvvaarrrr I did a build of Traces of Illumination for the iPad. And, surprisingly, it just runs. It doesn't run particularly great (in the startup screen, I get 3 FPS, haha) - but in the actual game, I'm getting around 20FPS which, given that this hasn't really been optimized, yet is quite amazing IMHO. Funny enough, I'm even getting the water effect on the startup screen (this will eventually be replaced with just a backdrop image which is certainly more appropriate than having this fancy stuff on a device as limited as the iPad).

Well, I have to keep this short because now I have to create something that's actually playable on this device. But I just wanted to share this historical moment with the world. Yeeehaaaa! Unity just rocks ;-)

Btw, yesterday, Unity 3.2 was released (and I'm pretty sure, Traces of Illumination would have been pretty disappointing on the iPad with any previous version as there are a lot of performance improvements for mobile devices that went into Unity 3.2).


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