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Feb 12

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

Diversity in Creativity.

I started this week on Sunday with creating a new song, which I'll be using for Level 09 - Saviors, Beware! ... it's based on a realization I just had recently: One reason why I guess we like the "playing with filters" in many of the Techno, Trance and PsyTrance tracks is because it reminds us of how filters fall away in the process of awakening. Everything becomes clearer and sharper - and this kind of music, or in particular this specific element nicely reminds of that. So, the name of the track is Illumination, which fits into the game's theme and the idea is embedded into the track on a couple of different levels that ... I don't feel like going into right now because it's really kind of off-topic.

Next day, I went into modelling mode and created optimized models of the first vehicle / tracer. Right after that, I moved on to working on the textures of those models. Finally, I did some coding (including some shader-coding, whoa hoa ;-) ).

And now, I'm moving on to GUI-design. In between, there's a little "story-design" and playing with words here and there.

So this is what I really love about creating games: You can use pretty much any form of creativity and put it into a game and if it fits the overall theme, it'll just make it more awesome. It's the perfect medium to channel one's creative flow. So ... sorry, but now I urgently have to go (but this has been on my mind for a few days ... I also watched Tron Legacy last Wednesday and am planning to write down some thoughts about the movie as well as how it relates to the game and how I feel about that ... but ... that'll have to wait ;-) ).


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