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Mar 6

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

Read this first. Then watch the video. Acknowledge what you feel. Then read this again:

This video is shocking and certainly has the potential to mess up your day. But it could also guide your way. That's why I share this with you. We have to keep both eyes open and see both: light and shadow. We need to see the shadow so we know where to shine our light more brightly. That shadow presents the need we must answer.

While this story may be fictional, things like that happen all over this planet, all the time, in various forms and degrees of intensity. Whether you see and feel it, or not. And if you are sensitive enough - if your awareness is deep enough - you can feel it all the time. Even if you don't see it. And it does hurt.

Remember: We are all one - the separation is just a convenient illusion ... nothing more! All of this does not really happen "outside". It's happening right within that greater you! That "you" that you may have forgotten but which is what really keeps you alive. Eternally.

So ... when will humanity finally wake up and create paradise instead of creating hell?

We certainly can create paradise! It's really what life is all about. In fact, it's what life really is all about ;-) ... it's kind of sad that most of us forgot this little fact and now wander aimlessly, wondering about the purpose in life while it's really so obvious if you just listen to those currents of bliss within.

Remember: We cannot fight violence. We cannot fight darkness. The harder we try the more desperate things will get. It just doesn't work that way. Our own anger fuels war - oneness works both ways. Our hearts know this. It's so easy to fall into the trap of becoming part of the problem instead of being part of the solution just because we fall into and act out our emotions instead of using them mindfully and dispassionately as a teacher to learn about ourselves! Let's use those emotions to know where not to go. As thorns that show us where the path is not. Let us allow our hearts to be our guides!

Then, the effort ends ... and we can realize peace.

That deep, incredibly powerful, uncompromising peace which moves mountains.

First within ourselves.
And then
- once again: as we are all one and it's all inside -
eventually, on this whole planet.
A conscious expression of pure, unadulterated divine will.

That is our destiny. It is YOUR destiny.
It always was, right here right now is, and will forever be.

All it takes is a little patience and humility.
A little generosity and friendliness.
Just a little bit of gratitude and appreciation.
And a tiny little bit of seeing that the divine is everywhere.

And falling in love, deeper and deeper -
which is equivalent to flying higher and higher into that inner sun.
Welcome home, beloved swan! :-)

Remember: The world needs you. The children of the world that this girl represents need you. And we all need you now! It's not only your destiny - it is also your responsibility. Your freedom, and your true power.

It's been such a long journey. The tools are available, the path is right here.

When will you finally wake yourself up?

After watching the video - remember:
Acknowledge what you feel.
Then read the above text again.

And now ... feel deeper within! Listen deeper within!

You came here for a reason!


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