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Nov 22

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

Today, I took a rather major step towards releasing Traces of Illumination: I had an appointment with my notary and registered my company. The full legal name is a bit cumbersome for now, but eventually the "UG (haftungsbeschränkt)" will become a much more elegant "GmbH" ... and as that still sounds terribly German I'll do my best to at some point in time switch it over to AG. Anyways, just for completeness, one time the full name (and link to the Website):

narayana games UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

The interesting part, of course, is narayana games. Narayana is the dreamer. Not just any dreamer. The dreamer that dreams the Universe we inhabit into existence. That's a big one. When using the Hindu male trinity of the creation principles, you could associate Narayana with Vishnu. Vishnu is the sustaining principle of consciousness. That which upholds reality. Vishnu stands side-by-side with Brahma, the creation principle ... and Shiva or Maheshvara, the realization principle, or liberation principle. These principles are all active in the AUM, which in many traditions has been reduced to the more publicly known OM. A is receptivity, which is also creativity - the birthing aspect. U is sustaining, and M liberating. And thus the Universe rolls forth, moment by moment. Coming into existence, staying in the expression of potential for a moment, and returning to source, into realization. Of course, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are only the principles which need their shakti-powers to come into expression, so we have Sarasvathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi. So there really is no sexism in spirituality. We need both - the male principles and the female principles.

Another interesting aspect of Narayana is that this principle of "dreaming forth the Universe" is related to one very specific chakra: The Hrit Chakra. This could also be called Narayana portal. It's between the Hridaya (heart chakra) and the Manipura. The Hridaya is related to feeling, the Manipura to seeing. First, we hear, then we feel what we hear - and eventually, we manifest what we feel into a visual expression. So the Hrit chakra plays a major role in how reality as we know it is created each moment. It veils truth so it can be experienced. Truth is always absolute, and absolute can never be experienced. We need a little bit of illusion so we can experience infinite potential. One moment at a time.

So ... what are games? Games are another veil added on top of the reality we live in. In games, we can take aspects of that reality, simplify those aspects so they are fun to play with - and if we do it just right, we can create experiences in players that will eventually inspire realizations of that which is beyond the veil.

That's why my game company is called narayana games. It's about enlivening your true nature by reminding you of your true nature.

So, searching for a nice logo in the endless space of possibility, I used the Hrit Chakra as visualized by Saumedhika seer Aaravindha Himadra. You can view all 12 chakras in our Sambodha Chakra Viewer. This is how the chakras really look, when looking from top down. Kind of - when you really get to see them from deep within, they're even much more beautiful than those representations. But we're pretty close, thanks to modern technology ;-)

Most current chakra systems only know 7 chakras. Usually, the Hrit Chakra is missing. And usually two really important aspects of the Ajna which are actually chakras of their own are missing: The Sadayathana Chakra and the Manobhava Chakra. Furthermore, the Sahasrara actually consists of Sahasrara, Mulakarana and Soma. So there you go from 7 to 12. And finally, don't think the Muladhara aka "root chakra" is our "first" chakra. It's the final, physical expression. The first chakra is the Sahasrara - where the root of our consciousness forever remains.

So ... the Hrit Chakra, the Narayana portal - a beautiful chakra, as they all are - is naturally also the foundation for the logo of narayana games. Here's how the full-color banner looks:

narayana games - enlivening your true nature

I've added a little sun with 12 rays on top of the original center of the chakra. That's basically an abstraction of the Hrit Chakra. I needed this for the main black and white logo.

That one works on most background colors and doesn't need a lot of different colors. It's much simpler. Some people will find it more elegant, while others will find the above banner more beautiful. I'll be using both because both have their place. So here's the abstract one:

narayana games - enlivening your true nature

This also works on white - and many other colors, with the same logo color:

narayana games - enlivening your true nature

I also have created a Web design for the company, which is work in progress - but feel free to have a look:


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Re: Starting my game company: narayana games

Congrats sweet dear Universe Dreamer Friend!! May the forces be with you!! Hehe

Von Taipari am   2011-11-23T09:20:32

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