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Jan 23

Erstellt von: Jashan Chittesh

Optimizations of Traces of Illumination are progressing nicely: I've completely redesigned Level 02 - The Square and took it down from 72 objects, 11354 verts and 21611 polygons to 9 objects, 1830 verts and 1299 polygons; and I've also started optimizing power-ups and apples ... so, currently, I'm down from 783 to 925 draw calls (in different camera perspective) to 316 or 376 draw calls; with power-ups, apples and lights disabled (so just what the level geometry costs), this would be 129/145 draw calls for the old geometry vs. 16 draw calls of which 8 are dynamically batched. So this is nice progress even though there's still quite a bit today.

This posting, however, is on the subject of time and money: To the current day, I've spent about 170 person days working on Traces of Illumination; which is around 1400 hours. With my current hourly rate as freelance software-engineer, that's an investment of around EUR 80,000.00. Plus costs for software (I spent around EUR 5,000.00 on Unity licenses) and monthly costs for Web, database and game servers (around EUR 200,00 per month).

I need to balance this somehow against the time I spend actually making money - which is one of the reasons why progress on Traces of Illumination has been kind of slow during the last two years (certainly not the only reason - that's why development took up speed again; I'm currently spending around 2-5 hours on the game per day, which is very very fulfilling :-) ).

So, I decided to give you the opportunity to participate in creating this great game on a monetary level. Of course, much more important than people giving me money is people playing the game and giving me feedback. You know, that's what really matters to me. But as I, like everyone else, am living in a society that's heavily based on money, donations are certainly greatly appreciated. Donate however much you feel comfortable with giving - and rest assured that I'll appreciate any donation greatly!

More details are on the donation page - I'd just like to mention here on the blog that the first 10 donations will be publicly announced in the blog (just like I did with the first ten registrations on this site).

So ... are you ready to send me some money??? Don't wait and click here!!!


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